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Gain Muscle Mass Without Weights, The Truth About Body Weight Training

If you don’t belong to a gym, or travel a lot, or you are just beginning to workout, then you really must to learn how to Gain Muscle Mass Without Weights. Resistance weight training is the most efficient method to gain muscle quickly but sometimes body weight training is the only route you have in building muscle mass.

This type of training is fantastic for improving the visual impact of your body, increasing fitness, and maintaining your current lean muscle mass.

The best means of muscle gain is to progressively overload the muscles. This is not an easy thing to do efficiently when you only use body weight exercises. Too many repetitions are required to reach a point of maximum muscle building potential.

When you are newly beginning to workout, you tend to see a lot of fast gains, and training without weights is a great way to prep you for future heavy lifting.

You can obtain a certain level of muscle mass with body weight exercises to provide a visual impact, especially in the upper body. Former NFL player Herschel Walker had a workout that was based on building muscle without weights.

But he did thousands of reps! Training without weights more effectively helps to keep your muscle mass when you are unable to do heavy weight training at the gym.

You can modify exercises many ways if you are trying to Gain Muscle Mass Without Weights, however, you will probably still need a lot of repetitions.

Training with heavy weights takes less time in each routine o gain muscle, which means you can be finished sooner and move on to other things that you want to do, like playing with your kids.

If you need to do a workout without weights, there are a few fitness tips that you should keep in mind.

Do as many reps as you possibly can on the first set of the exercise. This will get you warmed up and get you fatigued enough to start the muscle building process.

Well, really it is to start the tearing down process. The actual building comes with rest after the workout. But that is another article.

Do your body weight repetitions as slowly as you can. This will ad an isometric stress developing strength. Be sure not to cheat! You must do the entire movement and try to stretch it as far as you can.

Add intensity to easy exercises by doing them with one arm or leg such as one arm push ups or one leg squats.

There are a lot of body weight exercises you can use to gain muscle mass without weights.

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