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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review: Pro’s And Con’s

Now You Too Can Have Hollywood Body and Attract Hot Girls:

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a workout program devised by Rusty Moore, a renowned American fitness expert. Rusty Moore presents the workout program in the form of a 72 page e-book. Along with the e-book there are also printable workout charts included. The concept of the program is building a hard, chiseled, muscular “Hollywood” physique without gaining excess, unnecessary muscle  mass.

Moore makes no claims that achieving this look is easy. Like any muscle building program, it requires hard work, sacrifice and dedication by the user.

In this Visual Impact Muscle Building Review, I’m going to first summarize the 3 phases of the program, then I’m going to talk about my personal experience with the program, check out:

Program Summary:

Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore is unique in that there are 3 Phases in this program and each phase builds upon the previous phase. Here is what I mean:

Phase 1: Building Bigger Muscles

Phase 1 is where you learn the right way to build bigger muscles in the right places. This is very important if you don’t want to look like a ‘meathead’. The body that this guide creates for you is a lean and ripped body that Hollywood Actors have.

Just know that you will be using lighter weights in this phase. I know it sucks, but setting your ego aside in this phase will definitely pay off. You will get a chance to lift heavier weights and break personal lifting records in the next 2 phases.

Phase 2: Building Muscle Density

Ever notice how some guys have inflated and bulky muscles while other guys have lean and dense muscles?
This is the phase where you build those lean and dense muscles. Phase 2 builds upon the muscles you have built in phase one and prepares you for Phase 3.

It is a transitional phase where you are still gaining muscle, but there is a bigger focus on building muscle density.

Phase 3: Max Density and Slimming Down

This phase is where you really ‘harden up’.
In Phase 3, you will be in a pure density building and fat burning phase. You will also break personal weight lifting records here as a bonus ‘side effect‘.

Bonus Phase: Shrink Wrap Effect

After you have completed Phase 3, you can go on a bonus phase that gives you the ”Shrink Wrap Effect”. When you have completed this phase, it will look like your skin is tightly wrapped around your muscles. This effect looks incredible on your new lean and dense muscles.

Unfortunately, this technique won’t work as well for you if you haven’t been through the initial 3 Phases of Visual Impact.

Click In The Image For Official Visual Impact Muscle Building Site

Visual Impact Muscle Building Pro’s And Con’s:

Visual Impact Muscle Building Pro’s:

A comprehensive program at your fingertips. Once the program is downloaded it is on your computer and you have full access.

Cost ($47.00) – Less than an hour with a personal trainer at most commercial gyms.

Flexibility of exercise selection and equipment used. Several options are given to complete exercises for each body part. Since there are so many choices no two workouts really need to be the same.

Multi-phase training approach: the program consists of 3 phases, each phase builds upon the next until the 6 month program is completed.

No equipment required: If you can not make it to the gym or if the gym is not your thing, there are loads of bodyweight exercise options that can be used for a workout.

A 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you will get all of your money back.

If you do the work the result is a visually stunning body.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Con’s:

This program is only available on-line. It is not available in a hard copy format.

To succeed you must work. This isn’t a discussion about a thigh master. Visual Impact is an exercise program and as such if you wish to get results you must be prepared to put in time and lots of effort.

The e-book focuses on men’s physiques. Recently a women’s version has been released but they must be purchased separately.

We strongly recommend this program and happy to do so. I love it when I made my girl worry a little bit by transforming myself into the HOT guy. It feels so good, you know, having her proud of me and ready to be a lion protecting her asset:)!

We hope this visual impact muscle building review was helpful to you. Good luck with your Hollywood body goals, friend!

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