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Gaining Muscle Mass-The Six Secrets To Gain Muscle Mass Training

get ripped fastIncreasing muscle mass is generated through constant adaptation, and for this to happen we must look for different ways of holding your body through increasingly intense workouts.

And as we make the workouts more intense?

Here are some interesting patterns for the applique every time you train in your gym:

Eccentric loading increases: eccentric load is no more nor less than the negative phase of a repetition. When you do slow down or increase a little weight in this range, fast fibers have a greater action and therefore have more possibilities to generate profits.

Increasing the external load is translated simply lifting more weight. This is a well known factor, but in my experience many people do not know how to measure the proper charge for everyone. Sometimes overlap, resulting in poorly performed exercises and major injuries.

On the other hand there are people who can work a little more to achieve what you want, but simply prefer to spend from one financial year and not focus on making even one or two sets intensely.

The important thing is to start dominating loads where you can make at least 6 to 8 reps with some difficulty, from there you can hold the same weight I go up the repetitions (up to 12 for example) gradually. After a while when you return to the initial 6 to 8, and the body will ask you something else.

Increase the number of sets per muscle group: personally do not take communion with this way of working, although I must admit that as an athlete progresses so does the type of training.

What happens with this concept is that most of the time people go into overtraining by the belief that more is better, not to mention that when you change your training plan and add more sets, one can hardly sustain the loads were working normally throughout the session.

My recommendation at this point is that if you decide to apply and increase your number of sets in the workouts, do it in a targeted and focused to a power supply all you need. Remember that the important thing is that do not fall in catabolic processes.

Reducing the rest time between sets: This simply translates into an increase in the density of your workouts. In less time you do a significant amount of movement and secured with an intensity long as you keep the loads you’re used to driving in all exercises.

Focus on core exercises: I’ve always been a believer in using the basic exercises and straight bars to gain muscle mass. The squat over any type of machine, the bench press for chest and arm curl for biceps, are undoubtedly the kings in their respective muscle groups.

This is not to say that you leave aside all the sophisticated machines that we enjoy today, but unequivocally tell you that when you begin to prioritize this type of movement, your results will be much more noticeable.

Concentration: The most important of all. If you do not have the mental capacity to focus on what you’re doing and focus all your energy to working muscles, much less can be disciplined at the table and the goals you’ve set.

I think people are fat, increase your muscles fail, spend time gaining and losing weight, only for lack of proper mental focus.

When you propose something, just change your perspective on things and it is not difficult to begin to replace meals, exercise a little or put aside bad habits, it’s all starting to be what we want and as if by magic the body began to show us the way. It seems incredible, but in reality is only a simple change of attitude!

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