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Build Muscle For Skinny Guys

Build Muscle For Skinny GuysIf you aren’t blessed with perfect weight gaining genes there’s still a way to build muscle. See, despite all the things you’ve read on the internet, the fact is that a skinny guy builds muscle in exactly the same way as an average guy.

The only difference is that the skinny guy needs to train harder, eat more, and generally put that little extra effort in.

Skinny Guy’s Muscle Building Diet

It’s pretty simple really. You want to eat as many calories as possible, but not so many as to put on baby fat. It’s important to find a balance of carbs and proteins, and of course plenty of vegetables for minerals and vitamins.

If you’re serious about the fastest way to build muscle, there are plenty of online resources that will tell you exactly what you need to consume.

Skinny Guy’s Muscle Building Workout

This needs to be perfect. Merely going into the gym and lifting whatever you can find is not going to cut it, especially because you’re a hard gainer. Take the time to make a plan that focuses on all muscle groups on different days.

You want to start out with 3 days a week, maybe bumping up to 4 when you start to see results. Skinny guys should also avoid too much cardio.

Skinny Guy’s Muscle Building Mentality

If there is anything one thing more important than the others it is this. It’s NOT easy to build muscle if you’re genetically programmed to be skinny.

However, it’s not impossible, and like I stated previously, you need to eat more and train hard. Make the decision to succeed, find the right resources to succeed, and do the work you need to do to transform your body.

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Build Muscle For Skinny Guys



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